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GUILE - Video advertisement distribution platform

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About our service -GUILE-

Video advertisement distribution platform

GUILE converts video advertisements into HTML5 data format, which are then distributed to other websites and native applications. Uploading a video from a user interface allows for easy data distribution. In addition, user information data analysis and retargeting via html5 data format can also be achieved.

Branding and marketing
can widely be achieved via video

For Advertising network・Demand-Side Platform
For customers considering adding video advertisement into pre-existing advertisement distribution systems.

Easily connect to pre-existing third-party networks and create video advertisements.
Already existing advertisement systems can be connected directly to our video playback and data analysis system. GUILEs main feature is the "Automatic video playback function" for Smartphone compatible websites. This then allows for the targeting of a wider audience plus more effective branding. With a variety of formats available, the CPA/CPI can be utilized as a performance indicator in order to create an original advertisement design.

For Media
For customers wishing to use advertisement videos on-premise.

Do you wish to introduce a new advertising menu style using a video format?
With the additionally higher brand recognition effect carried by video advertisement, you can take your companies monetization to a whole new level. Combining other types of media with video leads to the most optimum advertising format, and we can provide assistance for effective monetization. In addition to the versatility of video advertisement, the product promotion feature can also be utilised via the EC site and LP.

GUILEs features

Automatic playback for smartphone compatible websites

Normal Cases

Normally in smart phone compatible websites, without the touch-to-play action of the user, the video will not play. Furthermore, in the case of Apple iPhone, a separate video playing software application is opened in another window, hence leaving the original website.


Once the webpage is loaded by the user, video playback will occur automatically without any user action required. When scrolling, playback timing can be configured to only when the video is inview, or additionally have a different video displayed when the screen is tapped by the user. The possibilities are vast.

Supreme quality with minimal data usage at the same time

This unique technology of video playback boasts a high frame rate which allows high quality videos to be played more smoothly. At the same time, data usage is minimal, so there is no concern for users visiting the site getting frustrated anymore.

Comparison to other company products

  GUILE Company A Company B
Frame rate 15fps*1 8fps 8fps
Playback method Video playback*2 Sprite Sheet Animations Sprite Sheet Animations
Playback method Touch playback / Automatic playback / Inview playback Touch playback / Automatic playback Touch playback / Automatic playback
Compatible devices Android 2.3 upwards, iOS6 upwards Android 4 upwards, iOS6 upwards Android 4 upwards, iOS6 upwards
Data usage(15 secs) Approx. 700KB Approx. 1400KB Approx. 2100KB
  • *1 Low specification devices will play at frame rate of 8fps.
  • *2 On low specification devices, there is a chance of buffering.

A variety of formats
Multi device compatibility, SDK no longer required in cases of app installation.

The utilization of a variety of formats allows for PC, tablet, smartphone and multi-device compatibility. Also, videos can be displayed using "webview" within native applications which allows for data transmission without the use of SDK.

Advertisement sample format

Video upload directly via the management screen
Analysis via a detailed reporting function, and advertisement retargeting and delivery via an embedded retargeting function.

Video upload directly via the management screen
Video files of up to 100M can be uploaded and tagged directly from there.
Analysis via a detailed reporting function

View directly from the Reporting page, CVS output also possible.
Retargeting tags can be embedded in just one second
Advertisement retargeting can be delivered based on user view time.

Achieve high distribution levels

With a large number of customers using GUILE, a high level of distribution can be achieved.


*These contain the results which are not for advertisement.


For any enquiries or discussion regarding video editing and product advertisement planning etc.
please feel free to contact us.

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